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How to move your grocery business online and become a market leader

The world is moving on from the pandemic at a fast pace. But people still are reluctant to venture out of their homes for every tiny thing or are simply too busy to do so. Grocery shopping is an integral part of people’s schedules, and delivery service is more than welcome in the modern world. The digital marketplace has seen remarkable growth in the last two years and is presently valued at around $189 billion in 2019.

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How Online Grocery Delivery Solution Leverages The Business Growth Of Small Businesses

The rise of the digital marketplace has completely changed consumers’ behavior. Smartphones are one of the efficient mediums to leverage the digital marketplace. From the food we eat to the shopping we do every instance happens in a matter of seconds online. Grocery delivery software doesn’t lie in it. There were times where we felt that the digital marketplace can no way beat the traditional retail stores and services. But the covid pandemic has literally taught that the contactless mode of the transaction helps you on the safer hands. The rise of awareness among people has exposed the significance of grocery delivery software.

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How the Voice search is Transforming the e-Commerce business

No more waiting in a long queue for the purchase, Tracking every item and getting disappointed by its unavailability, losing your time, energy, and much more!!

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Why are mobile apps important for the success of your business?

mobile apps

The impact of mobile phones and related apps in the routine life of people across the world cannot be denied. Advanced apps have changed the meaning and usage of mobile phones from just a communication device to a much necessary aspect in performing all the activities. It was possible due to the advancement in technology and reach of internet to even remote corners of the globe.

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DoorDash launches grocery delivery to compete with Amazon and Instacart


DoorDash is ramping up its on-demand delivery efforts with the launch of grocery delivery, starting with select chains in markets throughout California and parts of the Midwest. The move follows DoorDash’s push into convenience stores earlier this year and its recently announced DashMart virtual store for selling snacks and other food items and over-the-counter goods.