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How the Voice search is Transforming the e-Commerce business

No more waiting in a long queue for the purchase, Tracking every item and getting disappointed by its unavailability, losing your time, energy, and much more!!


E-Commerce has completely changed the way the market used to work. Currently, the number of smartphone users across the globe is around 3.5 billion and this leads to 44.81% of the total population. Thus all our smartphones are integrated with any of those voice-assistants(Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby, and much more), and the report says that 72% of people who own voice-activated speakers follow the habit of using these devices in their daily routine.

This has made our lives simpler and voice-controlled which is the next biggest revolution in digital trends. 

With the help of voice search you can now order your groceries, call for a taxi, play music, and access information you need. According to the statistics around 20% of the searches in the search engines happens through voice search. 

Significance of Voice search:

  • Provides personalized shopping experience for the customers based on their individual preferences
  • Voice search is quick and efficient in fetching the search query results.
  • Absorbs our shopping habits and behavior suggests us with different options and reminds us of the previous buying experience.
How the Grocery store and delivery industry make the Paradigm shift into voice recognition?  

Consumers are beginning to shop with voice. No more conventional way of chaotic shopping experience. Grocery delivery software helps us save a lot of time, organizing the stocks, and handling the accounts as plain as never before. But There lies an ultimatum for the grocery and supermarket stores to transit their business online. So, how does the transition happen? Let us dig more!!

Points to remember in moving Grocery delivery business online:

  • Deciding the delivery region:

Running a successful grocery store and managing the inventory is not child’s play. In order to make your online store successful, you must decide the right area to cater to your services. To come up with a decision we must check with the following factors like Social preference of people, their behavior, their exposure towards technology, and much more!!

  • Setting the inventory and list them category wise:

An online Store in your grocery delivery software must be encapsulated with a diverse product to attract new customers. For this, we need a solid supermarket software to list various categories and subcategories in a multi-tier hierarchy for an organized way in your online grocery store.

  • Store Scalability:

Scalability seems to be something lucrative, but in a long run, this ideally helps to sync your supermarket software and the hardware configuration. Every platform has factors like product quantity, system configuration, etc… for your grocery and supermarket software performance.

  • Choosing the right eCommerce solution:

Choosing the right eCommerce solution is a significant part of an effective online grocery store. To make this happen, there are some unique Grocery delivery software service providers present in the market. One among those could be GroceryNCart.

How GroceryNCart makes the right fit for all your grocery delivery software business?

Every company has a desire of making their online business more interactive and responsive similar to Grofers clone and any other grocery delivery eCommerce.To make all our desire come true, Groceryncart is a grocery delivery software, providing a platform for the grocery store and supermarket admins to customize their online store in enhancing their business globally. We provide customizable, user-friendly, and reliable web applications for the grocery and supermarket admins to personalize their dedicated store based on their preferences. Our grocery delivery and supermarket software are compatible with all your platforms. We have integrated with major features which include mobile and web-optimized grocery storefront, easy checkout options, customized designs, admin store management, Newsletter management, Invoice, Detailed reports of the products and purchase, a Powerful dashboard, and much more.

So, Any idea of moving to the next stage in your selling journey? Get connected with GroceryNcart and make your business knock on every doorstep.

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